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** distro.list/scripts: Added comments to blacklisted commands
** distro.list/scripts: Added comments to blacklisted commands
* Extra software: Added [[Live CD Kernel]] for UnionFS.
* Extra software: Added ''Live CD Kernel'' for UnionFS.
* lfscript
* lfscript

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This is the change log for LFScript 4. Because some of LFScript is sourced from this Wiki, you might also be interested in the Wiki change log.

2014, September 5th (revision 27)

  • Upgrade to LFS r10727
  • Upgrade to BLFS r13994
  • ScriptFactory
    • Whitelist: Removed 'x7driver-glamor', added 'libepoxy'.
    • distro.list/scripts: Split dependencies into "required" and "recommended". "Required dependencies" are required to build a package without errors. "Recommended" dependencies are required at runtime, are required for packages that might be installed later or enhance the software.
    • distro.list/scripts: Added comments to blacklisted commands
  • Extra software: Added Live CD Kernel for UnionFS.
  • lfscript
    • Bugfix: Unmount /tools before deleting it, when using the '-I' switch.
    • Added '*.tar' to the list of known archive types.
    • LFScript now runs 'make oldconfig' before running kernel compilation scripts. This way, old kernel configurations can be passed to LFScript to compile newer kernels.
    • Added a new '-r' switch, which will make scripts install only the dependencies listed in the REQUIRED variable, instead of both REQUIRES and RECOMMENDS.

2014, August 5th (revision 26)

  • Upgrade to LFS r10674
  • Upgrade to BLFS r13818
    • Whitelist: Added a lot of scripts to the Whitelist for the targets "mate", "gparted", "gedit" and "network-manager-applet".
  • xinit script selection: Released the '/etc/X11/app-defaults/xinitrc.d' directory and using '/etc/alternatives/xinitrc' in stead.
  • ScriptFactory
    • Removed hardcoded extra dependencies, blacklisted dependencies and blacklisted commands and moved them to 'factory/whitelists/distro.list'.
  • Extra scripts
    • Upgraded, tested and placed all MATE scripts on the wiki. Therefore, MATE is now back in LFScript.

2014, July 28th (revision 25)

  • Upgrade to LFS r10652
  • Upgrade to BLFS r13664
    • Whitelist: Added 30+ scripts to the whitelist for the targets "xfce-core" and "hicolor-icon-theme".
  • LFScript ('lfscript' file)
    • Disabled SSL certificates check on WGET.
    • Experimental ARM support: Added the ability to find an ARM java virtual machine to be able to use LFClass on ARM devices.
    • Changed the way the 'sources' and 'packages' directories are made available read-only in the build environment. Fixes bugs #1336902 and #1337507.
    • Added a new '-H' switch, which does the same as '-S' except that it also calculates and displays MD5 checksums for all files for which no checksum was provided in it's build script.
  • LFClass ('lfc' folder)
    • Added experimental support for ARM in the build script used to compile LFClass.
  • ScriptFactory ('factory' folder)
    • Removed obsolete GTK+2 script modifications
    • Removed obsolete entries from an old reference-only BLFS patch file
    • Added a BLFS patch to make libnotify build against GTK+2 in stead of GTK+3
    • Remade the LFS fixes patch to make it apply to newer versions of LFS
    • Re-included the ability to load extra MD5 checksums for files which would otherwise have no checksum because BLFS does not specify one. Also populated this list with checksums for all files without BLFS-provided checksums.

2014, July 19th (revision 24)

  • Upgrade to LFS r10634
  • Upgrade to BLFS r13464
    • Whitelist: Added 'cmake', 'curl' and 'libarchive' and removed 'mtdev'
  • ScriptFactory ('factory' folder)
    • Reorganisation of the whitelists, to make the current list automatically apply to newly generated scripts.
    • Reorganisation of the patches, to make the current set automatically apply to newly generated scripts. Also, old patches (which were only kept for reference) have been stripped of modifications which do not need to be applied in future releases.
  • ScriptFactory (code)
    • Upgrade to eudev-1.9
  • FsOS ('fsos' folder)
    • Reorganisation of files. The readme and the filenames of the kernel configurations have been stripped of LFScript version info, so that they don't have to be modified every time a new revision is released.

2014, July 6th (revision 23)

  • Upgrade to LFS r10624
  • Upgrade to BLFS r13350 (fixes 'LZO' compilation issues on i486)
  • LFScript
    • Unset MAKEFLAGS for scripts which contain '-j1', and therefore do not support building on multiple CPU cores.

2014, June 30th (revision 22)

  • Added version-check.sh (from LFS) for convenience
  • LFScript
    • Fixed a bug in './lfscript -C' where *.txz archives would not be found
    • Multibuild scripts are now built in subdirectories (required for Xorg)
  • BuildISO
    • More helpful error messages if the system image cannot be mounted.
    • Use 'xorrisofs' in stead of 'mkisofs'.
  • Upgraded to LFS r10587
  • Upgraded to BLFS r13327
  • ScriptFactory
    • Included whitelists of BLFS versions from previous releases, for development reference.
    • Refactored the 'fetch' and 'factory' scripts. 'fetch' is now a symlink to 'factory'.
    • Reorganized the patches folder
    • Added support for newer versions of LFS
    • Added general support for newer versions of BLFS
    • Added support for the 'new' way Xorg pages are layed out in BLFS.
    • Group scripts are now generated for Xorg (and other grouped packages), in stead of manually being created
    • Upgrade of third party tools to create LFClass binaries
  • fsOS
    • Upgraded the fsos kernel configuration files to Linux 3.15.1.

2012, February 12th (revision 21)

  • LFScript
    • Packages are now compressed using XF. The extensions of packages are now *.txz. This also means that existing *.tgz package archives will not work with this revision, unless you convert them manually (you can also just rebuild your system).
    • Replaced the copying of source code and packages to /sources with bind mounts. This greatly reduces the space requirements of LFScript (by the gigabytes when building a Live CD) and makes it build sooner.
    • Source code extraction can now handle tar bombs safely.
    • extend.conf is now also loaded for packages in the LFS toolchain build. Additionally, the contents of preCompilation in extend.conf has been moved out of that function.
    • LFScript now exports MAKEFLAGS, as described here. Every CPU core will be utilised.
    • When using the -i switch, the target directory now must be a mount point.
    • Made various small changes to messages emitted by LFScript.
  • BuildISO
    • Renamed files in the CD filesystem, which were not named conforming to DOS's 8.3 scheme. This makes it possible to copy these files under FreeDOS or the like:
      • root.sqfs became root.sfs
      • initramfs.cpgz became initram.fs
    • init.sh now also searches the first four partitions of the first four disks for the system image. This makes it possible to launch the live system from USB or hard disk.
    • Made several minor improvements to init.sh.
  • Upgraded to LFS r9742
    • Also updated the bootscripts script (factory/mods/bootscripts-install) with improved comments, a new version of the 'rc.site' file, and added a "stable names for network interfaces" post-installation function (factory/mods/bootscripts-postinst).
    • Also in bootscripts; A generic /etc/fstab is now created, making the installation of your system a little bit easier.
  • Upgraded to BLFS r9383
    • Removed the custom network-manager script as NetworkManager is now in BLFS.
    • Removed unnecessary dependencies from udev-rebuild.
    • Moved several unused Gnome scripts to the blfs-unchecked folder.
    • Created a blfs-compat subdirectory, containing four script which are currently also in BLFS, but cause problems if used. These compatibility scripts build older versions of the software.
  • Moved a lot of custom scripts to this Wiki. Those scripts now reside in a subdirectory called extras. User contributed scripts will be stored in a new subdirectory called contrib.
  • ScriptFactory
    • Created a ScriptFactory class which can parse a source dump of the Wiki.
    • ScriptFactory can now produce group scripts correctly.
    • Moved DESTDIR alternatives to a separate function (maybe these can be sourced from this wiki in the future).
  • fsOS
    • Upgraded the fsos kernel configuration files to Linux 3.2.5.
    • Added btrfs-progs, firefox and a Flash Plugin installation script.

2012, January 31st (revision 20)

  • Removed all documentation as it is being moved to this Wiki.
  • Interactive configuration (LFClass)
    • Now properly configures the system after selecting an .xinitrc implementation.
    • No longer configures a display manager. It is assumed you install only one at most.
  • LFScript
    • Now prints the phrase "*** BUILD_PROBLEM_DETECTED ***" to the log, if a script fails somehow. This allows you to quickly find where errors occur, by searching for that phrase in any text editor.
    • Disabled the mkdir() wrapper (at least temporarily). I suspect this will speed up creation of directories.
    • No longer skipping base system packages if they are set through -s. If you want to disable the build of a base system package (like Vim), you should do that by editing buildbase.lfs.
  • Scripts
    • Upgraded to BLFS SVN 9255
    • dhcpcd: Removed configuration of the eth0 network device. 'NetworkManager' should automatically configure devices from now on.
    • libcanberra: Modified to link against MATE Desktop Environment.
    • firefox: Added to the stable scripts.
    • postlfs: Removed the compressdoc command from post-installation. If you want to compress man pages, you can still run this command yourself.
    • udev-rebuild: Upgraded to use the same version as in LFS.
    • fsos-nox: Removed kernel configuration check for VESA VGA graphics.
    • livekernel: Removed this script (at least temporarily), because UnionFS does not provide a patch for a current kernel.
    • compiz: Now also builds gtk-window-decorator.
    • mate: Fixed "Unable to open computer://" (or "trash://") issues by adding gvfs as a dependency.
    • x7app: Changed xinitrc-functions listSessions() so that a Slim properly lists all available sessions.
    • Added scripts for 'NetworkManager', wpa-supplicant and btrfs-progs.
  • extend.conf: Added a function which converts a package that uses Gnome to MATE Desktop Environment.

Earlier changes

As of LFScript4 revision 20, the change log is kept on this Wiki. Earlier changes can be found in the change log provided with the revision 19 tar ball.