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This is the change log for LFScript 4.

2012, January 31st (revision 20)

  • Interactive configuration (LFClass)
    • Now properly configures the system after selecting an .xinitrc implementation.
    • No longer configures a display manager. It is assumed you install only one at most.
  • LFScript
    • Now prints the phrase "*** BUILD_PROBLEM_DETECTED ***" to the log, if a script fails somehow. This allows you to quickly find where errors occur, by searching for that phrase in any text editor.
    • Disabled the mkdir() wrapper (at least temporarily). I suspect this will speed up creation of directories.
    • No longer skipping base system packages if they are set through -s. If you want to disable the build of a base system package (like Vim), you should do that by editing buildbase.lfs.
  • Scripts
    • dhcpcd: Removed configuration of the eth0 network device. NetworkManager should automatically configure devices from now on.
    • libcanberra: Modified to link against Mate.
    • firefox: Added to the stable scripts.
    • postlfs: Removed the compressdoc command from post-installation. If you want to compress man pages, you can still run this command yourself.
    • udev-rebuild: Upgraded to use the same version as in LFS.
    • fsos-nox: Removed kernel configuration check for VESA VGA graphics.
    • livekernel: Removed this script (at least temporarily), because UnionFS does not provide a patch for a current kernel.
    • compiz: Now also builds gtk-window-decorator.
    • mate: Fixed "Unable to open computer://" (or "trash://") issues by adding gvfs as a dependency.
    • Added scripts for NetworkManager and wpa-supplicant.
  • extend.conf: Added a function which converts a package that uses Gnome to Mate.

Earlier changes

As of LFScript4 revision 20, the change log is kept on this Wiki. Earlier changes can be found in the change log provided with the revision 19 tar ball.