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== Sources ==
== Sources ==
* <sourcecode>https://github.com/compiz-reloaded/compiz/releases/download/v0.8.12.3/compiz-</sourcecode>
* <sourcecode>https://github.com/compiz-reloaded/compiz/releases/download/v0.8.14/compiz-0.8.14.tar.xz</sourcecode>
<md5>f8985d47d15f501c02316c4dbc0db2ff compiz-</md5>
<md5>b908dea54a55769243e86adc89a7deb1 compiz-0.8.14.tar.xz</md5>
== Dependencies ==
== Dependencies ==

Latest revision as of 19:50, 28 April 2017

LFScript can find this software under the name compiz.


MD5 Checksums:

b908dea54a55769243e86adc89a7deb1  compiz-0.8.14.tar.xz


  • startup-notification
  • libxslt
  • libjpeg-turbo
  • glu
  • cairo
  • libwnck (recommended; It, and it's dependency gtk+3, are required to use GTK window decorations)
  • Marco (recommended; It allows Compiz to use the window decoration that is set for Marco)

It is possible to build this software without libwnck, and it's dependency gtk+3 installed. However, without them gtk-window-decorator will not be built and you will have to install Emerald if you want framed windows under Compiz.


./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr \

As the root user:

make install

As the root user:

cat > ~/.xinitrc << "EOF"
compiz ccp &
exec xterm