Keyboard Layout

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The default keyboard layout on LFScript systems is set to "us-acentos", which is the nearest equivalent of the "US International" layout. It is the default because it allows one to type characters which are common in European languages on a plain US qwerty keyboard. You may need to press the space bar after a double-quote to type that character, but at the same time you can type the characters ä, ë, ï, ö and ü by pressing a, e, i, o or u in stead. Other keys (like the single quote) produce similar results.

Changing the keyboard layout

On a running system

Keyboard layouts are stored in /lib/kbd/keymaps. To change the keyboard layout on the fly, you can execute the loadkeys command.

The next command loads the "us" keyboard layout:

loadkeys us

However, this does not make it permanent. To make it permanent, execute the following too:

cat >> /etc/sysconfig/console << "EOF"

Before building a system

The default keyboard layout can also be changed before a system is even built, by editing the lfs-<version>/bootscripts script. In that file, (near line 180 in LFScript 4r21) search for:


And change us-acentos to your preferred keyboard layout.

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