SquashFS Tools

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SquashFS Tools provides the mksquashfs utility, which allows one to create a compressed read-only file system.

LFScript can find this software under the name squashfs-tools.


MD5 Checksums:

d92ab59aabf5173f2a59089531e30dbf  squashfs4.3.tar.gz


This package has no dependencies outside of LFS. However, if you want to be able to mount squashfs file systems, you will need to add support for it to your kernel:

File systems --->
  Miscellaneous filesystems --->
    SquashFS 4.0 - Squashed file system support --->
      Include support for ZLIB compressed file systems
      Include support for LZ4 compressed file systems
      Include support for LZO compressed file systems
      Include support for XZ compressed file systems


pushd squashfs-tools
sed "s/#XZ_SUPPORT/XZ_SUPPORT/" -i Makefile

As the root user:

make INSTALL_DIR=/usr/bin install

Packaging note

The source code of this package does not support the standard use of DESTDIR. In stead it uses