If it all went wrong

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If it all went wrong

This page will help show you what to do if the build process didn't go well. If you got an error during the build process, try to follow the below instructions. If for some reason you lost power or your computer crashed during the compiling process you should follow the instructions in the Aborting and Resuming page.

I got an error before I even started

Most of the time, these types of errors are caused by either insufficient privileges or missing dependencies. The easiest way around these errors is to ensure you are running lfscript as the root user and to ensure you are in a publicly writeable folder. You should also check the Linux From Scratch page to make sure you have all of the dependencies installed before you get started.

Alternatively ensure you are running the 'From Script' Live disk as this has all of the required software to run LFScript.

I get a red error whilst compiling

This could be caused by a missing dependency or something is wrong with the script for the package you are trying to install. The first thing you should do is look at the error message, Marcel has spent a lot of time ensuring error messages are understandable. If the message on the screen says it cant download a file, its possible the server is down. You can always get the source package yourself and place it in the sources folder, just ensure you have the exact version LFScript is looking for otherwise you will get an error.

What else could it be?

It could be lots of things unfortunately. But LFScript has a very good log file system. have a look in the log folder. you will find folders with the date and time the build was stated, pick the newest one. Now you just need to locate the log file for the package that failed and see what the error is.

It still isn't working

Well it could be a bug. Report bugs to the [bug tracker]. You can also ask questions [here].

Lastly remember its only a Virtual PC, you can always just delete it and start again.